Self-adhesive waterproof board

Self-adhesive waterproof board is made of elastomer asphalt such as SBS as the base material, polyethylene film and aluminum foil as the surface material or without film (self-adhesive on both sides), and self-adhesive waterproof coil with anti-adhesive isolation layer. The self-adhesive waterproof board has super bond strength. The special self-adhesive base can ensure the bonding and sealing between material and the base as well as gap junctions to form an overall sealing waterproof layer. It has good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion and other chemical media erosion performance. Self-adhesive waterproof board with high tear strength can effectively resist the damage to the waterproof system caused by the stress of cracking and deformation from the base.




Compared with ordinary waterproof materials, the self-adhesive waterproof board produced by Zhonglong Environmental Protection has the following characteristics: 
1. Cold construction at room temperature, no need for hot melt. As long as the construction peel the isolation paper, can be directly spread paste, construction is very convenient, can effectively shorten the construction period; 
2. With a high degree of tearing, it can effectively resist the damage to the waterproof system caused by the stress caused by the cracking and deformation of the base; 
3. High penetration resistance, impact resistance; 
4. Excellent cohesiveness ensures the continuity and tightness of the rolling material lap joint; 
5. High and low temperature resistance, anti-aging, long service life. 
Adhesive waterproof board is mainly used in: earth and rockfill dam, dam rockfill dam, build by laying bricks or stones, concrete dam, tailings DAMS, water reservoir, channels, such as liquid storage pool engineering seepage control, the subway, basement, and anti-seepage lining of tunnel, roads and railways foundation seepage control, sanitary landfill with filament geotextile, geotechnical material such as bentonite waterproof blanket use and so on.
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