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A sort of cellular confinement system called an HDPE geocell. You can use it to reinforce and stabilize soil in a range of applications, such as road building, slope stabilization, and erosion management. You can construct it using a flexible HDPE plastic honeycomb framework. It is filled with soil or other materials to create a reinforced structure. Our HDPE Geocell and hdpe geomembrane liner are the best.

Prevent Soil Erosion

In comparison to conventional soil reinforcing techniques, the geocell's interconnected cells form a substantial, three-dimensional structure that offers more strength and stability. The reinforced structure is more resistant to erosion since the cells are filled with soil. And it can be used to regulate and prevent soil erosion in places vulnerable to landslides or other types of soil movement.

In order to reduce the number of materials required for the roadbed. And to provide a secure foundation for heavy loads, HDPE geocell can also be used to build the base for roads. Along with stabilizing riverbanks and stream channels, it can also be used to fortify slopes and embankments.

What Does Our Geocell offer?

In general, our  HDPE geocell offers benefits like: 


- Simple to install

-Adaptable and flexible to the particular requirements of a project

-Offers a solid base that can support large loads.

-Resistant against weathering and erosion

It is also an environmentally sustainable solution because you can reuse it and create it from recyclable materials.

Geocell is a kind of polyethylene the plastic sheets by high intensity ultrasonic welding of 3D mesh structure material, unfolds into a honeycomb three-dimensional grid, which use three-dimensional limit principle of soil, sand, stone, mud, etc as filler material, to achieve a higher bearing capacity, can form stable roadbed, greening slope stability, often used to railway, highway roadbed reinforcement, slope protection, building retaining wall, etc.




1, During transportation can be folded, construction can be stretched into a net, filled with soil, gravel, concrete and other loose materials, constitute a strong lateral restrictions and stiffness of the structure.
2, material light, wear resistance, stable chemical properties, light and oxygen aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, suitable for different soil and desert soil conditions.
3, high lateral limit and anti-slip, anti-deformation, effectively enhance the bearing capacity of roadbed and dispersed load action.
4, change geocell height, welding distance and other geometric dimensions can meet different engineering needs.
5, flexible, small transportation volume; Convenient connection and fast construction speed.
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