In large-scale modern fish pond, shrimp, loach, lotus pond and other aquaculture, geomembrane are more and more favored by the majority of farmers, whether used for ornamental fish pond or fishing ground, the main role of HDPE geomemes is to avoid contact between fish and soil, to avoid water pollution. Geomembrane both prevent waste from accumulating in the soil and also prevent harmful chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, acids, iron and other potentially harmful compounds from entering the pond. Geomembrane effectively protect and promote fish growth and reduce the risk of disease. It also protects the pond slope from erosion and provides a smooth surface for the pond to easily remove waste from the pond. Effectively prevent weeds, sludge and other obstructing pollutants in aquaculture ponds from entering the pond, reduce bacteria in the pond environment, thus reducing the use of antibiotics. If the use of geomemes to cover the whole pond or the bottom of the pool, it can also make the bottom of the pool completely separated from the water,



has good tensile resistance, impact resistance, tear resistance and high hydrostatic pressure resistance, and has outstanding effects in acid and alkali corrosion resistance and anti-microbial corrosion and anti-seepage;

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